PGS Energy Services Pvt. Ltd. is an Accredited Energy Auditor firm & ESCO, empanelled with Bureau of Energy Efficiency, (BEE), Ministry of Power, Govt. of India. We are also empanelled with and conduct energy audits and related activities for government agencies namely BEE, EESL, PEDA, CREDA, MEDA, GEDA,UNDP, Airport Authority of India and BPCL .Leveraging our knowledge and experience to deliver long term energy conservation solutions to our stakeholders through innovative systems, strategies & concepts.Schemes suggested for energy saving & energy efficiency improvement are backed up with required technical specifications & budgetary estimate of investment.

“At PGS Energy Services Pvt Ltd, our commitment lies in steering organizations through their path to Net Zero, presenting a holistic six-step strategy to effortlessly diminish emissions and forge a trail towards a sustainable tomorrow.”

Environmental Social and Governance.
We have proven expertise in energy audits in energy intensive sectors such as Cement, Fertilizer, Textile, Pulp and Paper , Iron and steel, Chlor-Alkali, Petroleum Refineries, Thermal Power Plants and Railways . Our clients from corporate sector includes Nestle, Reliance, HPCL, SPIC, IFFCO, Green Star, ACC to name a few.

Core activities of our business are:

  • Comprehensive Energy Audits of Electrical &Thermal utilities in Industrial,Commercial and Residential sectors
  • PAT Consultancy
  • Mandatory Energy Audit under PAT
  • Investment Grade Energy Audit of both government and private buildings
  • Harmonics Study and Solution
  • Thermography Audit (Electrical, Building, Air conditioning & Insulation testing)
  • Ultrasonic leak detection (compressed air & steam)
  • Noise level study of furnaces, boilers etc…….
  • Star rating of existing buildings, BPO & Hospitals
  • Implementation of Govt. Energy Saving Schemes in Renewable Energy (Solar) Power projects
  • DPR for Biomass, Co-generation& WHRS projects
  • Water Audit
  • Safety Audit
  • Total Energy Management solution
  • Electrical Safety Audit
  • Solar Feasibility Study
GHG Scope 1 Scope 2 Scope 3 agencies
GHG Scope 1 Scope 2 Scope 3 agencies
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